Pharmacy Technician - Lichfield

Ref: OCOVS00086
Start Date:23 Apr 2018
End Date:20 Jul 2018

1. To be responsible for the safe and accurate dispensing of all medicines and medicinal products as prescribed by authorised prescribers within the medical and dental centre in accordance with UK legislation, manufacturers’ recommendations and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
2. To provide advice on pharmacy and prescribing issues within the scope of own competence.
3. To work alone or as part of a team within the dispensary.
4. To provide effective day to day management of the dispensary.
5. To ensure safe and accurate dispensing of all medical and dental prescriptions as prescribed by registered medical practitioners and non-medical prescribers, including controlled drugs (CDs), accountable drugs (ADs) and medical appliances.
6. To provide pharmaceutical advice/counselling to patients.
7. To collect and receipt prescription charges accurately.
8. To maintain all statutory records, logs and registers.
9. To procure, receipt, and be responsible for safe custody, storage, and audit of all medicinal products including CDs and ADs in accordance with UK legislation, manufacturers’ recommendations and SOPs.
10. To ensure active stock control measures and storage are in place to maintain adequate stock levels to meet the needs of the Practice while minimising wastage.
11. To provide advice/training to medical centre staff on pharmacy and prescribing issues within the scope of professional competence.
12. To mentor and train personnel who may be undertaking dispensary awareness training including pharmacy technicians and Combat Med Tech (CMT)/Medics.
13. To respond appropriately to the Central Alerting System in respect to Medicines/Pharmaceutical matters and document accordingly.
14. To safeguard the confidentiality of any personal/medical information obtained in the course of duties.
15. To undertake general housekeeping duties including archiving, statistical reporting, cleaning, stock checks etc.

16. To uphold the ‘Standards of conduct, ethics and performance’ of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). This includes complying with the GPhC CPD requirements.
17. To maintain the confidentiality of information, including electronic Medical Records data, at all times in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
18. Must have NVQ Level 3 in Pharmacy Services or equivalent.
19. Must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).
20. Must have two years post qualification experience in dispensing.
21. Must be conversant with Egton Management Information System (EMIS) or similar IT system.
22. Must have previous experience of dispensing in Primary Care.
23. Understanding of Ministry of Defence (MOD) supply chain.
24. Previous experience of working in MOD dispensaries.

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