Remedial Instructor Band 5 - RAF Cranwell

Ref: E424
Remedial Instructors
Start Date:06 Oct 2017
End Date:15 Dec 2017

1. To provide independent highly skilled physiotherapeutic assessment, treatment and efficient and effective management of caseload under supervision (Band 7 Clinical Specialist or Medical Officer (MO)).

2. To manage patients referred by Consultants, General Practitioners and other Healthcare Professionals with diverse presentations and complex and acute/chronic physical conditions and sports injuries.

3. To work closely with other members of the Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) to ensure the highest standards of care.

4. To use clinical reasoning skills to provide an accurate clinical diagnosis.

5. To formulate, develop and deliver a specialised individualised treatment programme based upon evidence based practice, manual assessment and appropriate clinical reasoning

6. To communicate effectively with patients to ensure informed consent for assessment and treatment, good understanding of their conditions and maximise their rehabilitation potential accepting that patients may have barriers to communication e.g. English as their second language.

7. To communicate effectively with all other rehabilitation and Unit personnel and with external medical personnel from other agencies/units.

8. To advise the Medical Officer and/or other rehab clinicians with regard to specialist physiotherapy recommendations.

9. To provide clinical reports to supply clinical prognoses and comprehensive discharge planning for other medical professionals and, where appropriate the military Chain of Command (CoC).

10. To support any relevant audit and research activity.

11. To be responsible for the safe and competent use of all equipment, patient appliances and aids, attaining competence prior to use and including the identification and reporting of work service requirements and repair needs within the department.

12. To ensure the care, maintenance and proper use of materials, equipment and stationary and the accurate administration of any allocated inventories.

13. To maintain high standards of recording, filing and storage of patient and statistical information are achieved and maintained in accordance with local policy and professional standards.


14. Care to be delivered in accordance with the ‘Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics’ of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

15. To maintain a high standard of confidentiality at all times.

16. To adherence to Healthcare Governance policy, ensuring that all service delivery conforms to the standards set.

17. Must be Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered.

18. Must be a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (MCSP).

19. Must have experience working at post-graduate diploma level in the assessment and treatment of muscular-skeletal disorders, sports injuries, orthopaedic conditions, mobilisation and manipulation.

20. Must have a Degree/Diploma in Physiotherapy.

21. Must have a minimum of two years post graduate clinical experience in musculoskeletal disorders.

22. Must have previously held a position as a Specialist Physiotherapist Band 6 or equivalent.

23. Must have evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


24. Previous Ministry of Defence (MOD) experience.

25. Recognised training in Acupuncture.

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