Practice Nurse Band 5 (Health Governance) - Tidworth

Ref: CWX00678
Nurses- RMN / RGN
Start Date:ASAP
End Date:30 Oct 2017

To support in the integration and application of Healthcare Governance (HG) principles in the areas around Clinical Effectiveness, Improving Quality Care and Professional Development to safeguard the population.

Provide support to Defence Primary Healthcare (PDHC) in the delivery of a safe and effective primary healthcare service within the firm base at the regional level in order to enhance and sustain the operational effectiveness.

Support the RCD in providing healthcare assurance and governance of the Medical Facilities within the Central and Wessex region.

To deliver on Timeline specific tasks to assure regional HG is compliant.


• Support the RCD, Operations Manager and HG/Effective Efficiency Team with the assurance and governance activity within the region.

• Provide Administrative support to assist HG to all DPHC facilities across the region on current HG issues.

• Assist in identifying and implementing processes towards the resolution of common HG and Training risks through the use of the DMS CAF.

• Assist administratively to ensure that HG strategy and training requirements are implemented across the region in line with the RCD’s intent, HQ DPHC guidance and HQ SG policy.

• Collate Quality Improvement as notified by individual MTF from across the region to enhance safeguarding the standards of patient care and drive service improvement forward.

• Act as a source of support for HG SME to cascade expert advice for all DPHC Regions MF’s regarding SE activity and HG audit activities.

• Administratively support SME’s to facilitate the learning and development of all clinical and non-clinical staff to encourage dissemination of evidence based practice to support identification, reporting and recording aspects of HG for quality improvement.

• Provide administrative role to manage and monitor the ASER system including the collation of data, quarterly trend analysis. Develop Practice HG leads with regards to Root Cause Analysis and adoption of problem solving, offering advice and support to MF staff on root Cause Analysis local ASER trend analysis.

• Administratively scribe minutes for any Regional HG meetings on behalf of the RCD/DPHC RHQ Team.

• Assist in the schedule for HGAV notification; proactively engage in the 2 year roll up programme in conjunction with HQ and external assurance.

• In conjunction with HG, facilitate the data collection for collation Submission of the quarterly HG report for DPHC HQ.

• Assist in the healthcare service delivery in conjunction with the Area Managers as deemed appropriate to maintain consistency of professional standards through audit and HG.

• Facilitate and support practices to co-operate with Tri services inspection team, HQ DPHC inspections and visits particularly for the efficiency of CWX regional HGAV schedule.

• Acknowledge effectiveness of HG activity and raise areas of concern to conduct – Any administrative role specific to CWX Regional HG, efficiently effective projects training delivery in a productive timely manner.

• To ensure the observation of departmental security in accordance with PHCC Standing Orders

Emergency Procedure
• To ensure an awareness of emergency procedures in accordance with DPHC Standing Orders. All nurses must update Resuscitation Procedure at least yearly

Post Skills Profile:

Core Competencies

Functional Competencies

Specific Competency
Personal Attributes Projects personality and character to motivate, guide and support members of the multi-disciplinary team to achieve desired end results along with the skill to manage change effectively. Demonstrates effective decision making skills along with the capacity to plan organise and designates priorities in the wider arena.

Accepts responsibility of role and prepared to undertake additional training in order to facilitate learning in themselves and other members of the multi-disciplinary team. Flexible with a good sense of humour; firm but fair, demonstrating the ability to develop successful interpersonal relationships with others.

You have an obligation under law to safeguard the confidentiality of Personal/Medical information you may have access to during the course of your duties which must not be communicated to other persons except per current legislation. Any breach of confidentiality could be a matter of Disciplinary Action being invoked and provide grounds for a complaint against you.

A Job Description is a working document and the duties stated within may evolve and change in line with the development of both the post and the individual. It should be reviewed and agreed annually in line with the yearly appraisal process.

Demonstrate characteristics of professional, accountable, polite, supportive, eager to learn, motivate, empower.

Person specification Essential/ Desirable Level
(As appropriate)
• Registered general nurse with active registration with the NMC.

• Full UK driving licence with full C1 category with 2 years driving experience.

• Current relevant understanding of Military and NHS policies.



Post Mandatory Training (Add as appropriate for the role:
Basic Fire Awareness
Health & Safety Awareness
Business Continuity
Display Screen Equipment
Equality & Diversity Essentials
Unconscious Bias
General Security Threat Brief run by site/TLB
Defence Information Management Passport
Responsible for Information
Fraud Awareness
Government Security Classifications
Caldicott Level 1
Safeguarding Children Level 1+ 2
Office Safety

Well-Being, Resilience and Stress
Environmental Awareness
Manual Handling
IP & C Course & Test
DII User Stage 1
Work Place Induction Programme – Local training
MOSS Team Site User
Basic IT Security
Clinical Registration

Health & Safety:
Post holder must be fully acquainted with the Establishment’s Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Regulations and Procedures at (name of site) and complete all mandatory training.
Equality & Diversity:
Post holder must adhere to Departmental Equality & Diversity Policies and complete all appropriate mandatory training requirements.
The post holder will have access to confidential information of both a clinical and commercial nature. The post holder may access to information only on a need to know basis in the direct discharge of duties and divulge information only in the proper course of duties. Disclosure to any unauthorised person(s) will be regarded as a breach of contract and may lead to termination of employment.

The Post holder must comply with the Caldicott principles and the Data Protection Act for confidentiality and the sharing of information, including Electronic Medical Records Data, at all times.

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