My afternoon removing the Poppies at the Tower of London, by Lucy Allen

It was an honour to have had the chance to see these poppies and to be able to actually be in the moat with them. It was sad to be removing them as they really are a beautiful tribute, but they all need to go to their new homes.


My first task was to sort through the metal rods which served as the poppy stems. Some had become very rusted which had caused the poppy supports to become stuck, our job was to try to unscrew as many of these supports as possible.  Many blisters later, we had managed to complete 2 wheelbarrows of rods ready to be shipped to the factory for a deep clean.

Then I was given the chance to ‘pick’ some poppies. This had to be done very carefully, although the ceramic poppies are a lot sturdier than they look if you pushed down on them too hard the petals would easily snap. Luckily I didn’t break any! I picked a total of 15 poppies and carefully removed them from their rods, and placed them in cardboard boxes to be sent off to be cleaned, polished and then posted off to the lucky person who had bought them.We finished at around 6pm and was lucky enough to see the sun set over the Tower of London. 

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